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Part Wolf, Part Alien, 100% insane.
Stitch used rebound. It was super effective.

downloaded the lj app.  half of it is in Russian.  Hmm...


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I would like to write a huge journal about this year's MFM.  I really would.  I could go on for hours, but you wouldn't read it.

MFM is an amazing con.  It's not because of the programming or the hotel staff, but the attendees that make it so special.

-Arriving at the hotel
-Exploring new things with Nova
-Checking into the hotel
-Introduction of Derp Husky as a character
-Sleeping in the hotel
-Jello Shots!
-Doing things when I should be sleeping in the hotel
-TC's Chili
-Cold AC in the hotel
-Elevators that worked almost all weekend, with very reasonable exception (no power)
-Awesome room mates at the hotel

Pitfalls of the weekend:
-Packing at the hotel (Bastards stashed carts in the rooms!)
-Checking out of the hotel
-Paying the hotel
-Driving away from the hotel

MFM is a con that really appeals to the emotional side of me.  I make it a point to be in fursuit during opening and closing ceremonies every year.  The reason is because I usually tear up....  Welcome Home gets me like that...  I don't know how to give a convention that kind of a feeling.  I don't know what can be done by the staff to make the con so family oriented.  So close...  

I overheard a conversation comparing the recent Megaplex convention to MFM and it really summed it up...  Megaplex is a great show.  The whole production is well run, coordinated, organized, and extremely professional.  Everyone there is on the same page of the script.  MFM doesn't have a script, and the production is more like a non-profit community theater or a silly skit at a family gathering.  Things get messed up, schedules are missed, but everyone is coming together for the sake of having fun.

The true nature and driving force behind MFM became readily apparent when the con was under a tornado warning on Sunday night.  Several hundred people all confined in a hotel space illuminated by auxiliary lighting, no AC, no power, no panels...  just hanging out and having fun.  Board games, jokes, conversation, laughter, comfort for those who were scared...  it was amazing.

A part of me changed this year.  I lost a very deeply rooted flaw of mine, and am glad to be rid of it.  I don't know how to explain it, but I know that it's a good thing to be rid of.

I cried a few times this weekend.  Tears for happiness, tears for the pain of another, tears for my own sadness.  I laughed more this weekend than I have in a long time.  I connected and talked to people the way that I have always wanted to.  Not putting on a show, not trying to stand out and be noticed.  I was me, for once.  For one weekend, I was home with my mate, my family, and my friends.

It was hard to pull out of that hotel parking lot, knowing that it would be a whole year before I would be back.  At the same time, I have to wonder if the magic, the emotion, and the connection must end just because the convention has.  The rest of 2012 and 2013 will be an interesting time for sure.

At least I have one solid piece of evidence that there will be an amazing year to look forward to next year.  The hotel has already charged my deposit for next year.

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I guess it becomes obvious when your night vision starts to fade.  I didn't even realize mine was gone... until Saturday.  My girlfriend started reading address numbers to me while we were looking for a friend's place.  I couldn't even see that there were numbers there and had to orient the car to illuminate the houses to see the numbers..  *sigh*

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I reached for the cliche dozen roses... but it didn't feel right. Nova is not your typical female, and this is not a typical relationship. I wandered the store with an empty buggy, stopping by the floral department numerous times before finally settling on a small rose plant. I wanted something to represent our relationship completely, and this is my way of thinking:

-A bouquet will look beautiful and full right from the beginning, but will quickly fade and die away. This is not characteristic of our love.
-This rose plant is small and vulnerable. However, it will be strong, healthy, and beautiful in the long run. This is how a relationship builds.
-Much like a relationship, this plant will require work and attention to stay healthy and beautiful. If it is neglected or taken for granted, it will wither away and all the effort put into it previously will be for nothing. Just like our relationship.

I love my Nova with all my heart. May our vines of love be ever strong, basking in the sunlight of happy days, warmed by the affection and respect shared between us.

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Man found shot to death in yard

Published On: Jun 11 2012 03:25:10 PM EDT  Updated On: Jun 11 2012 05:02:28 PM EDT


Police are investigating the death of a man found shot to death in a yard Monday afternoon.

Jacksonville police were called to a home in the 400 block of Jessie Street downtown just before 3 p.m.

Police said foul play is suspected.

No other information was immediately available.


Foul Play?  That's Crazy!
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For a few years now, I've had on-again, off-again back pain, usually in my lower back.  This time around, it hit me hard and left me laying face down in the dining room, unable to stand.  Everyone seems to think it's a pinched nerve due to a herniated disk.  I've had enough of this.

I finally scheduled an appointment with Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute to have it checked out and see what I must do to stop the pain.

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Phone Number:


Service Address:



Billing Department

Questions or Comments:

I miss my bill please i want to know i due

English is a dying language.
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I've determined that I really enjoy early morning intimacy with my partner.  She likes it too, so this works well.

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Just got a call from the Vet.  Callie is waking up just fine after her ovariohysterectomy, or Spay surgery.

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Don't you love finding about about problems the hard way?  Especially when one problem leads to another?  :D

Discovered that the AWD on my Element is no longer functional.  The system is supposed to work by detecting slippage of the front wheels and engaging a clutch in the rear differential to drive the rear wheels via a drive shaft.  It works great, when it works.  Of course, I didn't find out about the failed AWD system until I got halfway down the beach, hit soft sand, and the front end started sinking with no response from the rear wheels.  FML.

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