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Part Wolf, Part Alien, 100% insane.

Stitch used rebound. It was super effective.

5 October 1984
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Hello! I'm Stitch, or Greyfur. Either way, you can call me Stitch. I'm partly an incarnation of the infamous Experiment 626, and party an incarnation of a strange variety of wolf. However, I'm not viscious. I'm actually quite the cuddle slut. I love scritches, I love to scritch, and I love to pet. I don't show negative emotions very well, so if I'm quiet, then let me alone. Otherwise, I'm very chatty when I have something to say. If you see me, feel free to come up and scritch my back... just don't do it too much or I might melt and fall.... You don't wanna break the wolf do you?

I'm a musician of many arts. I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, and I have a number of other potential instruments that I haven't gotten around to. I play everything from country to metal... I'm a gear junkie, and a packrat. I love playing with PA systems, and A/V systems. I'm a natural performer, and frequently break out into song, dance, acting, or just general silliness.

I have no problems with most alternate lifestyles. I feel strongly against abortion, pedophiles, and necrophiles. Everything else, with consent, is ok in my book (that I know of right now).

I'm a furry, and a fursuiter. I do have a growing interest in Pawpets too... :)